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Friday, August 16th



„I expected you" (JK)

Opening and meeting in the Pilgrims’ Church
Evening blessings at the Original Shrine
Reception / conclusion at the Pilgrims' Home
22:00 Departure of the buses


Saturday, 17th of August

  Holy Mass in the houses
Breakfast at the property



Welcome in the Pilgrims' Church

„Their hearts have caught fire“ (JK)

Hoerde - source impulse for a movement that changes the world
We look at the exciting race between divine preparation for the journey and the human journey, the adventure of Hörde, the lay apostolate and the profile of the "Hoerde type", then and now. Two spiritual communities report their original impulse.
Speakers: Sr. Dr. M. Nurit Stosiek (Schoenstatt-Movement), Herbert Lauenroth (Focolare) und Thomas Römer (CVJM Munich)


Joint lunch in the Pilgrims' Home


„We - not me!“ (JK)

Cooperation as a way of life
Speakers: Father Heinrich Walter, Elizabeth Field and Alejandro Robles (Costa Rica), Melanie and Ulrich Grauert (Switzerland), Sr. M. Vernita Weiss.


Dinner together in the Pilgrims' Home



Model cases: market of possibilities
- An exhibition of apostolic projects from all over the world and free exchange in the Pilgrims' Church

22:00 Departure of the buses


Sunday, 18th of August


Breakfast at the property


... use and according to your will "

Challenges of our time (in the Adoration Church)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Geni M. Hoss (Brazil)

12:30 Joint lunch in the pilgrim home



"They all share my charisma"

My mission and task
Festive Mass in the Adoration Church with a broadcast with Bishop Dr. Michael Gerber, Fulda (Germany)


End with coffee and cake around the worship church


Options and offers:
- Visit to the Father Kentenich House
- P Kentenich film in the Father Kentenich House (Spanish)
- Guidance in the Federal Home (German / Spanish / English)


Opportunity to celebrate the renewal of the Covenant of Love in the Pilgrims' Church and the Original Shrine